How we Work

Previous Freelancing Projects

ValidEire works with various companies as a freelancer / service provider. Laurence O'Leary is an experienced Freelance QA/ Validation engineer with extensive experience in multiple fields within the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry covering cGMP, GAMP, CSV, FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ, PQ and CV. Here are some examples of freelancing projects that Laurence has concluded:

•  Remediation project: A global pharmaceutical company needed a cleaning validation gap analysis for a remediation project and new cleaning validation protocols for reports. Laurence facilitated this for them.

•  Greenfield project: A global pharmaceutical company needed an additional tester and compliance professional in a capacity expansion Greenfield of a Bosch Asceptic Filling Line. Laurence stepped in and helped meet the required deadline.

• Audit findings: A medical device company performed an audit of their supplier to fulfil ISO 13845 2016 requirements and found that the supplier did not have a complete validation overview or a re-validation status that ensured trace-ability. Laurence brought the supplier’s validation documentation into compliance

Industry Events Services

Speaker at Conferences

Laurence works as a speaker and is available for conferences and summits. Watch out for forthcoming events where Laurence will share his experiences, knowledge and expertise at several conferences across Europe and the U.S. Are you interested in hiring Laurence as a speaker? Contact ValidEire


Due to an expanding network and  public speaking engagements, ValidEire collaborates with other strategic partners and hosts conferences.


ValidEire continuously develops webinars about cleaning validation, data integrity and other subjects of interest for the Pharmaceutical community.


Freelance Services

Freelance QA / Process & Cleaning Validation

ValidEire cooperates with partners and together offers Freelancing services to Pharmaceutical companies. We specialize in QA, Compliance (IT),  Validation, Data Integrity and GDPR.  Having worked with multiple Pharmaceutical and Devices companies across Europe, we can facilitate your needs with high standards and always prioritise your demands.

Why We Freelance

Hiring a freelancer is an advantage because documentation and compliance is such a time-consuming part of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. An experienced Freelancer saves time and money while freeing up the rest of your FTE resources for other tasks.

Are you considering hiring a freelancer for a QA or Validation project? We are always available for a non-committal talk. You can book a meeting or email Laurence at and we will get back to you ASAP.

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