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Effective communication tools for project planning, collaboration and executions PPQ readiness strategic methodology


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22nd September 2022

3rd March 2023

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IDA Conference center, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33/ 1780 Kbh V


22nd September, 2022 08:30-15:00


Communication tactics for Project Execution – Laurence O’Leary

Based on working as a consultant, FTE and with multiple projects 20 years plus, Laurence will provide tactics, tools and strategies to navigate in any project and drive the deliverables over the line with optimal time management and minimum delays. Communication is the key parameter and this will be the red thread for this presentation.

Process Performance Qualification Readiness  -Irwin Hirsh

Are we ready for PV (PPQ)? Points to Consider  A high-level but practical overview of points to consider in preparedness.  All points will include risk-based approaches to determine readiness. The session will include a presentation plus a short workshop to provide clarity on how to approach project specific challenges.  Quality engineers are the intended audience but participants with SME or Project management responsibilities will also benefit from participation.Topics included:  Raw materials (CMA); SOPs: Training, Test Plans, and Protocols; Sampling and Analytical Tests; Prerequisite Process Knowledge; Site Readiness (Process FMEA); and Statistical considerations.

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