ValidEire is creating a Networking Community for anyone working with Quality Assurance or Validation in the Life Science industry.

In our Networking Community, you will be able to connect with QA and Validation experts, colleagues, and partners from pharmaceutical, medical devices as well as the food industry.

We will be offering a unique opportunity to join a global network aiming at engaging, growing and sharing best practices with peers in your industry. Maybe you will even connect with people who can support your future career.

The ValidEire Networking Community will be a hybrid model with annual, physical events and an online platform, where you can network, ask questions, and link up with relevant peers or find an expert within a specific life science topic.

You will also be able to book a place at one of our global summits via the online platform, and you can choose to use it as a channel to announce research and ask for feedback on ideas or publications.

The online platform will not stand alone. We will be setting up real-life networking sessions in relation to our events in multiple global locations starting in Europe.

You will be able to participate in this exclusive network with three different approaches; in-person, on-line, and with a hybrid access to both possibilities. This is a flexible and robust method targeted at creating a global network that will sustain unprecedented events and optimize YOUR possibilities to attend.

If you sign up, we will contact you, as soon as the ValidEire Networking Community is established.

Sign up for more information on the front page contact form.

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