About ValidEire ApS

ValidEire ApS provides Life Sciences industry in Europe and USA:

– your go-to resource for all aspects of your commissioning, qualification, and validation requirements — and  documentation (URS, IOQ,CD,PQ,PV) to testing and start-up with contract resources

-Life Science events to the Life Science industry including conferences, training and network groups related to commissioning, qualification, and validation.

The company is the brainchild of Laurence O’Leary, an experienced Validation Specialist who has worked extensively in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry for the last 21 years. ValidEire ApS is based in Denmark but Laurence travels all over the globe lending his services to companies in the business. ValidEire beats with an entrepreneurial spirit by moving fast, taking intelligent risks, learning from failure as well as celebrating its success.

ValidEire Mission

Valideire is a family run business where integrity, long-term relationships, empathy and respect is at the core of our business.

Our mission is to provide Life Science industry network with education, network and contracting and putting the voice of the customer before all.

We are growing together with partners, who we see as long term collaborators.

About Laurence (CEO)

Laurence is an industrious Validation Contractor and Life Science creator of events. He is a qualified Chemical Engineer with extensive experience in Quality and Validation.  He continues to collaborate with companies in Life Science in Europe and the U.S.  

ValidEire ApS was founded so that Laurence could dedicate his energy to work that he is passionate about-  sharing knowledge about Compliance related to Commissioning, Qualification and Validation via consulting and training. ValidEire offers all these services with a growing network of partners. 

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Laurence O'Leary, Founder of Valideire

More About ValidEire

Conference Arranger

ValidEire collaborates with partners to host conferences on a global scale.

2020 -

Cleaning Process Development and Validation 

6-7 October 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aseptic Manufacturing

21-22 October 2020, Industriens hus, Copenhagen, Denmark


ValidEire can provide resources for QA and CQV roles.


Industry network groups

ValidEire constantly develops industry groups for the pharma community with a vision of creating educational networks at affordable prices to enable SMEs or aspiring employees to gain both a network, new knowledge, inspiration and a sustainable group independent of funding. 

Copenhagen Process Validation industry group meeting- Theme "Roadmap to a Good URS"

21st September, IDA Conference center, Kalvebod Brygge 31, 1560 København, Denmark


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