About ValidEire Consulting

ValidEire Consulting is a consulting firm that offers its services to Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies all over Europe. The company is the brainchild of Laurence O’Leary, an experienced QA/ Validation Engineer who has worked extensively in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry for the last 18 years. ValidEire Consulting is based in Denmark but Laurence travels all over the globe lending his services to companies in the business. ValidEire beats with an entrepreneurial spirit by moving fast, taking intelligent risks, learning from failure as well as celebrating its success.

ValidEire Consulting offers the following services:
•  Compliance, QA, Process, Software and Cleaning Validation consultancy
•  Event Management including webinars, workshops and conferences

Our Mission

Creating long term relationships with clients all over Europe, the U.S. and sharing knowledge with collaborators in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries all over the world.

Offering the highest quality within Compliance with honesty, integrity and respect at the core of all business relationships.

Freelancing Services in QA, Compliance or Validation ?

ValidEire provides Freelance professionals for companies that prefer to hire a freelancer for a limited time period instead of expanding their FTEs.  ValidEire has a large network of reputable consultants willing to be part of your next project. Interested in hiring one or several for next project? Contact us

About Laurence (CEO/ Founder)

Laurence is a dedicated Event Manager, QA/ Validation Engineer, Trainer and Speaker. He is a qualified Chemical Engineer with extensive experience in Quality and Validation as well as sub-Project Management. In the past, he has worked in the industries of Pharma, Medical Devices and Biopharma. He continues to collaborate with companies in these industries all over Europe and the U.S.  

ValidEire Consulting was founded so that Laurence can continue to dedicate his energy to work that he is passionate about. ValidEire offers all these services with a growing network of partners. Laurence is an Irishman who is fluent in both English and Danish (living in Denmark and married to a Dane). Connect with Laurence on LinkedIn.

Laurence O'Leary, Founder of Valideire

More About ValidEire

Conference Arranger and Speaker

Laurence is a natural Public Speaker who loves presenting and taking the stage. He takes pride in delivering the "best value for the audience " presentation that incorporates his life experiences and insights.  Further more he cooperates with partners to host events and will continue to on a global scale.  He is an active member of a Toastmasters club in Copenhagen, Denmark.


With experienced and competent Freelancers ValidEire can provide effective and efficient resources to support the following areas: QA, Compliance (IT), Process Validation, Project Management and Cleaning Validation.


ValidEire constantly develops webinars for the pharma community with a vision of offering contemporary expertise and insights for free to a global community across the world.

It covers different trends, shares knowledge and focuses on what’s new in the industry.

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